Let Manufactured Homes In: Removing Regulatory Barriers to Manufactured Housing

May 23, 2023, 12–1 p.m. ET

This webinar has ended. Please visit our website to view a recording.

In this webinar, leading experts will discuss why and how policy makers can allow manufactured homes in more places as a solution to the housing affordability crisis. Zoning dictates the land use in municipalities, including where different types of housing can be placed. Because of misconceptions about manufactured housing, many communities use their zoning code to exclude manufactured homes from single-family neighborhoods. Communities exclude manufactured housing not only through outright bans but also through less-obvious practices. Zoning codes often include special exceptions for manufactured housing, minimum lot sizes, or design standards that are not conducive to the manufacturing process. Exclusionary zoning practices are a significant barrier to wider adoption of manufactured housing, one of the solutions to the housing supply shortage and the affordability crisis. With a shortage of roughly 3 million homes, manufactured housing is poised as a safe, affordable, and efficient answer if zoning codes are changed across American communities.